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Keepsake Gift Box with Card - Minimalist Gold

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Surprised your family member, loved ones or bridal parties with Personalised Keepsake Gift Box. A truly unique way for celebrating many occasion, e.g. Birthdays, Bridesmaid Proposal, Thank You Gift.

Each of this handmade keepsake gift box will be personalised with names and messages. This box also comes with matt finish and colourful ribbon and card that match the design chosen.

Dimension (L x W x H): 22 x18 x 9cm


  • Name and message personalisation
  • Crinkle Papers
  • Card with wordings from our selection
  • Individual paper bag for each box

Leadtime: 7 business days


  • For multiple quantity, please specify the name in the following format:
1. Jessica, 2. Michelle
  • For unique message for each recipient, please specify both name and message in the following format (template messages is available) :
1. Jessica
Message 1
2. Michelle
Message 2