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Iris Marble Dish Petite Gift Set

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This elegant gift set is specially made to brighten up someone’s day. Each set comes with greens and luxe feel.

This gift set includes:

Personalised Name and Messages for the Keepsake Gift Box (Select design from our Design Catalogue)

Our catalogue provides wide variety of design that you can select for the gift set. Surprise your loved ones with personalised name and messages on the outer and inner cover of the gift box. Gift Box dimension is 15cm x 12cm x 7cm.

Personalised Marble Jewelry Dish

Personalise this beautiful marble jewellery dish with the name of your loved one to make it more exclusive. Marble jewellery dish measures 8.5cm width.

Faux Succulent Pot

Unique greens succulent from our selection for an element of surprise. We carry various types of succulents, i.e. Hens & Chicks, Stonecrop, Sunburst, Pig’s Ears, Burro’s Tail. Perfect for your office or home corner with no maintenance required.

Pastel Gold Scrunchies

Pastel gold-looking scrunchie for everyday use curated by our team.


Themed Card

Theme card that is carefully designed to match the theme of Keepsake Gift Box. We offer standard wordings where you can choose from, or plain card if you wish to handwrite it yourself.

Individual Carrier

Each gift set comes with individual kraft bag carrier to provide convenience of handing over the gifts to the recipients.

For add-on Fairy Lights, please place separate order via this link

Leadtime: 7 business days


  • For multiple quantity, please specify the name in the following format:
1. Jessica, 2. Michelle
  • For unique message for each recipient, please specify both name and message in the following format (template messages is available) :
1. Jessica
Message 1
2. Michelle
Message 2