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  • Spa Gift Box with Towel, Bath Bomb, Scented Soy Candle, Bath Salt. Comes with Custom Design, Custom Name and Custom Message
  • Spa Gift Box with Towel, Bath Bomb, Scented Soy Candle, Bath Salt. Comes with Custom Design, Custom Name and Custom Message
  • Floral Scented Soy Candle. Rose and Lavender
  • Premium Cotton Travel-sized Towel
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Cassia Floral Spa Gift Set

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Whether she's a busy career-woman, a bride-to-be, or a new mom who needs some "me time," our spa themed gift box has all the right goodies for a soothing night off or self-relaxing weekend.

This gift set includes:

Personalised Name and Messages for the Keepsake Gift Box (Select design from our Design Catalogue)

Our catalogue provides wide variety of design that you can select for the gift set. Surprise your loved ones with personalised name and messages on the outer and inner cover of the gift box. Gift Box dimension is 22cm x 18cm x 9cm.

Travel-sized Towel with Stalk of Dried Flowers (Embroidery is optional)

The travel-sized towel is made of 100% soft cotton fabric and suitable for both on-the-go, daycation or daily use. It measures 70cm x 30cm and is available in 2 colours, beige or grey. Add a personalisation touch to the travel-sized towel by opting for name embroidery.

Selection of Large Floral Scented Candle

Large Floral Scented Candle is perfect addition to home with botanical aroma therapeutic scent.

Large Floral scented Candle (net weight of 150 gram) is available in 2 scents:

Joy: Sweet relaxing jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, topped with rose buds. Suitable to provide warming effect.

Hope: Natural and refreshing green tea, forest, peppermint fragrant, topped with lavender buds. Suitable to provide calming effects.

Selection of Floral Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are made with 100% pure essential oil from France, gentle and suitable for all skin type (safe for baby and kids). Topped with florals for perfect spa day after busy week.

Floral Bath Bombs (net weight of 125 gram) is available in 2 scents:

White Jasmine: Contains jasmine fragrance oil and 100% pure jasmine absolute essential oil, topped with calendula and white jasmine flowers

Heaven Rose: Contains heaven rose fragrance oil and 100% pure rose geranium essential oil, topped with calendula and rose flowers.

Relaxing Bath Salt

Relaxing bath salts are a truly soothing and calming blend which includes Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan crystal salt and Sea salt. Add a handful of these salts to your bath to infuse the water with minerals, and your body with relaxation.

Themed Card

Theme card that is carefully designed to match the theme of Keepsake Gift Box. We offer standard wordings where you can choose from, or plain card if you wish to handwrite it yourself.

Individual Carrier

Each gift set comes with individual kraft bag carrier to provide convenience of handing over the gifts to the recipients.

For add-on Fairy Lights, please place separate order via this link

Leadtime: 7 business days


  • For multiple quantity, please specify the name in the following format:
1. Jessica, 2. Michelle
  • For unique message for each recipient, please specify both name and message in the following format (template messages is available) :
1. Jessica
Message 1
2. Michelle
Message 2
  • Information on customisation options are all available in the product images.

Care instructions and directions for use for each of the gift items will be provided in each set.